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Surge Protectors

Surge protectors are designed to protect your devices from electrical spikes. When people think about surge protectors, most of them probably think about the power strips that you use to plug in basic things like TVs, gaming systems, and home computers.

Power Strips

First of all, not all power strips come with built-in surge protection. Secondly, the problem with using only these power strips, even if they do have the built-in surge protection, is that they can easily become overwhelmed if an electrical surge is stronger than the protection threshold of the power strip. This is especially true if the lines supplying power to your home are hit by lightning. A lightning strike is multiple times stronger than a little power strip’s surge protection.

Surge Protectors

You should know that not all surge protectors are created equal. These power strip surge protectors are not useful for appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, and washing machines, because these appliances use more energy. Appliances like these cause a slight power surge every time their components switch on and off. This is where the more heavy-duty surge protectors like a Home Electronics Protective Device, SurgeBreaker, or SurgeBreaker Plus come in.

Surge Protective Devices

Home Electronics Protective Device – Installed next to your home’s load center; further reduces surges that might overwhelm a typical surge protector strip

SurgeBreaker – Installed directly into your home’s load center; provides protection to circuits and receptacles throughout your home

SurgeBreaker Plus – Installed next to your home’s load center; whole-house surge protective device protects your entire house from bigger electrical surges; good for larger equipment and appliances that can’t be plugged into a surge protector strip; also protects phone and internet lines

Surge Protectors

If you’re ready to take the next step in protecting your electronic devices and appliances, let the trusted professionals at KMA Home Services install your new surge protectors.

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