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Maintenance Plans

Our Maintenance Plan – Annual Maintenance agreement provides you with many benefits for keeping the systems in your home in peak condition.

  • Safety through annual tune-ups and inspections
  • Savings through regular maintenance, discounts and waived emergency service fees
  • Peace of mind through knowing that you will be able to count on your heating, cooling and electrical systems when you need them most
  • Appointments are scheduled at your convenience

Heating and Cooling tune-ups:

While keeping your family safe, our heating and cooling maintenance tune-ups will save you money as well. Regular service ensures your systems will run at peak efficiency, reducing the risk of costly break downs and extend their useful lifespan. Additionally, most homeowners are unaware that annual inspections are required to maintain the manufacturers warranty.

15% Discount:

Should you need heating, cooling or electrical service repairs done, you will enjoy a 15% discount through being a Maintenance Plan member!

No Service Fee during regular business hours:

Call us any time, day or night, to schedule an appointment. There is no fee for our technician to come to your home for a service call.

Maintenance Plan Options

Electrical Maintenance Plan:



Heating & Cooling Maintenance Plan


Electrical and Heating & Cooling Maintenance Plan