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At KMA Electric and Heating & Cooling we are running our own version of March Madness!  It’s really, really simple.  You buy a furnace to keep your house warm, and we’ll throw in an AC unit, to keep your house cool!  That’s a value worth up to $5000.  Easy, right?  Well, it gets better.  We’re also going to throw in a free whole house duct cleaning that is valued at up to $900!  We’re not talking about those loss leader $59 duct cleanings you see in the local papers.  Those guys clean the grates over the ducts, and maybe a little ways into the duct; but what they don’t tell you upfront is that they aren’t going to clean the main part of your system.  They look for some mold or suspicious dust/growth in your system and then up sell you on a more complete cleaning, which usually ends up over $1000.  Nice, huh?

So what is the catch, you may be wondering?  Here it is…our technicians appreciate being paid, and they deserve to be for how hard they work for our customers.  So the only additional thing we have to charge for is their installation time.  But really, that’s not a lot to ask for free air conditioning, right?

Here are a few other details;  We have many models to choose from, depending on what options and how large of a system you want or require.  With our 0% interest program, we have pricing as low as $91/mo for a completely new, installed HVAC system.  That’s only two dinner and a movie dates per month!

Did you know that indoor air quality is the #4 concern of the EPA?

If you would like to take us up on our March Madness offer, just give us a call at 614.328.5215 today and it’ll be a slam dunk, because We Make Service Happen!










For a limited time.  Only one per customer.  Some restrictions apply.  Call for all details!