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Furnace Repair Columbus, Ohio

Furnace Repair Columbus, Ohio | KMA Home Services – We Make Service Happen!

Furnace Repair Columbus, Ohio

For winter furnace repair Columbus, Ohio residents know they can trust KMA Home Services to get their furnace back in working order quickly and efficiently. We pride ourselves on providing the best furnace repair Columbus, Ohio has to offer. If you need emergency service, give us a call – we’ll be there!

Repairing Your Furnace

Going without heat is not a fun experience by any means, even if for only a short while. Some furnace repairs can be made by the homeowner while others require an experienced technician.

  • Homeowners Can:
  • Check Circuit Breaker
  • Check and Relight Pilot Light
  • Check and Replace Air Filter
  • Replace Thermostat Batteries
  • KMA Can:
  • Detect and Repair Circuit Panel Issues
  • Detect and Repair Non-working Pilot Light Issues
  • Detect and Clean Dirty Vent Pipes/Rusted Parts
  • Repair or Replace Broken Thermostat

Annual Service Plan

To complement the best furnace repair Columbus, Ohio has to offer, we provide an annual service plan to tune up your furnace and A/C. This service plan includes:

  • Check of Refrigerant Levels
  • Check of Drain Systems and Pumps
  • Check of Temperatures and Pressures
  • Testing of Safety Switches
  • Inspection of Burners and Venting
  • Inspection of Electrical Connections
  • Lubrication of All Components
  • …and More

Basic Upkeep

Furnace Repair Columbus, Ohio

It’s always a good idea to check your air filters before using your furnace for the season and then every month during the winter when furnace usage is high. The more you use your furnace, the sooner the filters will need changed. Another good thing to clean at the beginning of the season is your register vents. Have you ever seen the dust and hair that those things accumulate? Not only can this reduce efficiency, but you’re also breathing that stuff in.

If the winter weather brings with it the need for furnace repair Columbus, Ohio wants you to know that you’ve got KMA Home Services on your side. We’ll fix your old furnace or replace it with a brand new energy efficient model, whichever is the appropriate and desired solution. Give us a call today.

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