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Columbus Ohio Home Backup Generator

Columbus Ohio Home Backup Generator | KMA Home Services – We Make Service Happen!

Columbus Ohio Home Backup Generator

Do you have a Columbus Ohio home backup generator? If not, KMA Home Services would like to install a reliable home backup generator for you. You choose the type and brand, and we’ll do the rest. Don’t be left in the dark the next time the power goes out around you.

Portable Residential Generator

There are options when it comes to a Columbus Ohio home backup generator. Some people choose to go with a portable residential generator. These generators usually run on standard gasoline, but there are some that run on natural gas or liquid propane. Being that they are portable, you can store them out of sight when they’re not being used. They are very handy for providing power to the important items in your house such as the fridge, heater, lamps, etc. Portable generators are not without their downsides though. Namely, you need to make sure you have gas on hand at all times, and you are limited to the number of items you can run off of their power.

Automatic Standby Generator

If you want a Columbus Ohio home backup generator with less hassle, a standby generator might be the choice for you. This type of generator is installed outside your home and will keep the majority, if not all, of your house running when the power goes out. They send power right to your electrical panel, so you don’t have to worry about having gas or extensions cords. These generators are typically automatic as well, so when the power goes out, the generator will sense it and kick on within just a few moments. This is handy when you’re not home and it’s cold outside. When you get home, your house will still be nice and warm as if nothing ever happened.

If you’ve decided that you would like to have a Columbus Ohio home backup generator, call KMA Home Services today and we’ll get you all set up.

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